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How we can help

ensure the most equitable settlement possible

 We can assist clients in navigating the complex financial issues involved before, during, and after a divorce to ensure the most equitable settlement possible. We are able to create a picture of potential short and not so obvious long-term consequences of proposed settlements before you make a commitment that may be difficult or impossible to change.

We utilize the most comprehensive and complete divorce financial planning software in the industry to capture all aspects of your financial situation and build creative settlement options.


Family Law Planning

Family Law planning may include, but is not limited to:

    • Identify, collect, and organize the financial information you and your attorney will need
    • Create detailed pre- and post-divorce budgets
    • Analyze various settlement options
    • Develop financial models to illustrate immediate and long-term financial consequences and tax effects of proposed settlements
    • Provide attorneys with comprehensive reports and tools for settlement negotiations
    • Develop creative options and financial strategies to achieve an equitable settlement
    • Review insurance coverage and estate plans
    • Analyze equity based compensation (stock options, etc.)
    • Partner with a network of professionals including family law attorneys, therapists and support group facilitators to support our clients during this trying time

Disclaimer: Our firm does not provide tax or legal advice. Be sure to obtain proper legal representation and contact your own tax advisor before taking any action that would have a tax consequence.

Projected net worth

This graph shows George J. Jones’s or Marianne P. Jones’s project net worth.

*No client data depicted. This is a sample projection of each individual’s net worth going forward 10 years based on a proposed settlement.