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Common questions surrounding retirement accounts include…

  1. What will my required minimum distribution be in retirement?
  2. What taxes will I owe on my required minimum distributions?
  3. Will I actually be in a lower tax bracket in retirement?

Most investors assume they will be in a lower tax bracket in retirement and may underestimate the future value of their retirement accounts. Whether you need the income from traditional retirement accounts or not, at age 73, you are mandated to take a required minimum distribution (RMD). Let’s examine how much that distribution will be and what taxes you may owe on it. Are you utilizing all the different retirement solutions to optimize your tax efficiency for retirement success?

Important: The projected tax rates in the RMD projection calculator do not include other potential sources of income. Please reference our blog titled “What is Your 401K Really Worth? for additional insight. This calculator is just one piece of a large puzzle, and is not intended to replace the experience and guidance of a trained Financial Professional.

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