Our Process

How we do it

Our primary goal is to help our clients consider all of their possibilities and take the successes they’ve already achieved even farther. In order to do this effectively, when we first begin a new client relationship, we must first understand what is most important to the client. We then build a detailed personal financial profile, set appropriate financial, lifestyle, and work-optional goals that reflect what the clients are trying to achieve, and we also determine what milestones the clients wish to reach along the way. We then develop, refine and activate a focused, long-term financial plan designed to help span that unique distance. Below, you’ll find the steps we follow when we help clients take the success they’ve achieved even farther.


When we start a relationship with a new client, it is imperative that we understand what is important to them. This is where we start. We need to understand what our clients are trying to achieve before any recommendations are made. This stage is all about learning about the clients’ financial, lifestyle, or work-optional goals.


Once we understand the goals that are important to our new client, we then build an extremely thorough personal financial profile on them. This ‘deep dive’ on their financial situation gives us a complete understanding of our clients’ current circumstances, so we can be precise about our recommendations.


Once we understand what the client wants to achieve, and after we’ve built a personal financial profile, we are now ready to implement. A comprehensive financial plan is put into place and shared with the client. Typically, we share a few different scenarios with the client at this stage and final adjustments are made before officially beginning implementation.


As we begin implementation, Concentrum will continually update the plan, as necessary, based on market conditions, government policy changes, or any circumstance that might necessitate a change in the plan. Clients will receive a Personal Financial Organizer that will track any changes that are made, so that they can always see exactly where they are on the journey to achieve their goals.