Total Wealth Management

Our complete, hi-touch wealth management service with personal, one-on-one attention to your entire financial picture.

Radius Investment Management

Automated Investment Management with a targeted personal approach tailored to meet your needs.



At Concentrum, we match the strength of our technique with the sophistication of our service.

We are decision-makers, drawing on the depth of our skill to conduct thorough analysis and design specifically balanced portfolios based on the goals and circumstances of each client. Our active technical approach employs the fundamental economic theory of supply and demand, the practice of relative strength – which measures a stock’s performance relative to its peers – and the point and figure method of technical analysis espoused by Dorsey Wright.* Here, we drive the action and hold ourselves accountable for every result.

We are also devoted – to our clients, to their businesses, to their families and to their particular visions of the future. We strive to provide an outstanding degree of personal service that exceeds expectations and fosters the kinds of close relationships that can make us an even more effective financial partner.

By striking the proper balance between analytical strategy and truly personal support, we’ve built a practice that specializes in creating comprehensive plans designed to help you move strategically and surely through each goal on the way to your ultimate success.